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BBC & Impartiality
05-12-2013, 11:56 AM
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BBC & Impartiality
Let me say right from the start that I'm big supporter of the BBC and it's non commercial ethic.
However, in recent times I have begun to notice more and more that their has been a shift in that impartial stance. I'm not sure if it's anything to do Chris Patten being chairman or not, but it does seem to coincide with his tenure.
For instance, the very recent re-emergence of the EU question, should we be in or out? Now you'd think that in this particular case the BBC would be bending over backwards in an effort to be seen to be evenhanded, but not so. Day after day now they have gone to great lengths to report various senior Tory MP's, both cabinet ministers, ex ministers and just influential backbenchers declaring that they would be voting against staying the EU whenever the referendum is held. That's fine, but where is the balance?
Other media, most notably the more right wing leaning newspapers are clearly seen to be anti EU and even more moderate papers are not seen to be particularly in favour of our membership of Europe.
What is the alternative? And when will the BBC decide to let us hear it? And in such prominent positions as the anti voices?
Maybe you are one of those against the EU, I dont have any issue with that, but I really am not a big admirer of the USA and all that it stands for, and it worries me that if we do leave the EU we will have nowhere else to go. For it's clear to me that because Thatcher dismantled our manufacturing bases, we actually have very little choice but to go to them and ask to become another US state, we're no longer powerful or strong enough to survive alone.
However it's not just the pending referendum/BBC that concerns me, I am about to reveal my own personal opinion, so please don't fix on this, it's something again, that I feel very strongly about.
I am, and have been for many years a fervent republican. For very many years I was often a lone voice amongst my friends and acquaintances, but not any longer. is a vibrant voice for all those who think as I do, but the BBC has, and continues to ignore those with our alternative view. Indeed yesterday on BBC Breakfast the BBc had long story about the Royal family and their doings, in studio they had two guests both firmly in favour of the royal leadership and not once during or after, did they once mention the republic movement.
My final gripe centres around the BBC and it's decision NOT to screen the second semi final playoff for a place in the Rabopro12 final. For 10 years now the BBC has had almost exclusive access to the Pro12, they have controlled the kickoff times and days, very often to the detriment of the attending fans simply because they can. But soon that will change to some degree, with Sky coming into the equation, and I'm not stupid enough to think that any of us would have any chance of even beginning to influence that organisation, but the BBC in it's infinite wisdom, has taken the decision that the 35,000 who attend regional rugby and the 500,000 who watch their broadcasts of the pro12 games they show, have absolutely no interest in the outcome of last nights game between Leinster and Glasgow.
That decision shows to me that the BBC is today run by very arrogant people who patently care very little about you and me.
The BBC is OUR broadcaster, today it's one of the few things we own, isn't it time we retook control and made sure that the BBC works for us and only us?

A smile will make others smile, a frown will live alone.
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