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07-15-2012, 10:40 AM
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The other day two planes landed, both carried young men.
One plane had the English football team on board wearing expensively tailored suits. They had returned from the European championships, after failing to reach the final.
Understandably they were not too happy, one spoke of it being the worst day of his life, and they all talked of being away for too long and missing their families.
Later it was revealed that one of the players, Wayne Rooney, was said to have negotiated a contract extension that awarded him and EXTRA £30,000 a week.

On the other plane, there were only five young men, they were soldiers returning from Afghanistan, their pay ranged from £15,000 per year to £30,000 per year. They had been away for months, their families had missed them terribly, but the saddest fact is that those young men travelled home in coffins.

There have been calls for the likes of Rooney & co to donate 2 weeks wages to Help For Heroes, so far they have resisted such calls.
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