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Next month it's election time, ( no this is not a rugby related post) who will you vote for?
Here in Wales, Labour lead the field with the Tories, Lib-Dems and Palid Cymru all following behind.
This election IS NOT for the National Assembly, soon to be known as the Welsh Government, it is for electing the Westminster government.
The choice is huge, Tories, Labour, Lib-Dems, UKIP, Green plus a whole host of more obscure political entities, many on the left of the political spectrum. The first four mentioned above are all to the right of the imaginary line in political life and will surely play some part in forming the next Westminster government.
I have to say that I'm less than enthused by the mainstream choice presented and have yet to make up my mind who to vote for. New ground for me i have to say.
Have you decided yet?
Thinking back over the Cameron era, I have given much thought to what that government has done for me. I am still thinking and have not come up with one answer yet !!!
just seen the latest "offer" from the Tories, no inheritance tax on £1million properties...........that just lost my vote!

That leaves..........
Plaid Cymru
Liberal Democrats
In my constituency..............not much choice is it?
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